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  • Vicky Walter

Have you ever lost hope?

During a time of great trials you can always depend on Jesus.

Have you ever lost hope? "Life happens" is a line we hear from friends and family when they are at a loss for words to comfort us. How do we reach out to God when He seems so far away? Jesus never fails. Well, what about the times that you secretly wondered why He failed you?

Have you ever lost hope? Do you struggle with the challenges of life? Have you ever felt like God is a million miles away and not coming by any time soon?

It's so easy for well-meaning friends to say that God is your answer or time will heal your wounded heart. They truly mean well but they are not the healer.

Jesus never fails.

You even know in your heart that Jesus is the one you need to run to when bad things in life happen. God knows you have been walking with Him for awhile now. Sometimes, it's not that easy. Your head tells you one thing but your heart is so wounded and wracked with pain. You need to stay strong for so many people but there are times in our lives that we need to just get alone with our Father.

Everything in your life will try to prevent you from running to God and just crawling up in his lap and letting Him be the Father you need. Our world is broken and the war is real. Sometimes we get wounded in battle.

Satan is after every one that calls Jesus Lord. He wants us to stay down. He wants us to be ineffective. He wants to fail. God tells us in his word that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. That is what he does. The war is real and sometimes we lose a battle but never the war.

Jesus IS the healer of the broken hearted and he really will never fail you. Give yourself a break. You will be okay if you keep your trust in Jesus. As my mom use to say, "everything will be alright." Never lose hope. As impossible as it may seem now, God will take all that you are going through and work it all together for good. He never stopped loving you. He will never leave you or forsake you. Jesus never fails.


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